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Best Things To Do In Basel, Switzerland

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Situated on the Rhine River in northwest Switzerland, and surrounded by both the French and German borders, Basel is Switzerland’s third-largest that should not be overlooked while staying in Switzerland. The city is rich in history and culture and offers a wide variety of tourist attractions to visitors. From the city’s popular tourist sights, such as Basel Munster, and tours of the town, the city has more than one museum per square kilometer with a total exceeding 40. Quite interesting, right? Then, why don’t you make your ride to the city as comfortable & easy as you land at the airport by booking a taxi Basel Flughafen? 


The nearest airport to the city is Basel airport situated 6km from the city at a distance of 11 minutes. Book a taxi from Basel airport and have a stress-free round of the major spots of the city in no time. The interesting thing about the city is none other than the very famous Old Town where the tourists can enjoy a perfect mix of historic and contemporary architecture. The tomb of the 16th-century Dutch scholar, Erasmus and Basel City Hall make the place worth visiting. 

Take a look at some of the best places to visit in Basel during your stay in Switzerland:

Walk Through The Old Town -

Your Basel Itinerary would be incomplete without visiting the heart of the city lying between the river and the old city gate at Spalentor. Talk to your limousine service Basel airport and arrange a luxury transfer to discover a place of treasure. The hot tourist spot of the city can be best explored on foot. From Marktplatz to red sandstone Münster, the old town is full of architectural gems. Don’t forget to visit the ornate city hall, Tinguely Fountain, Fischmarkt, Basler Münster, Rathaus, and Mittlere Brücke, aka Middle Bridge- the oldest bridges over the Rhine.


Explore Kunstmuseum Basel Museum -

Book chauffeur service Basel to enjoy a luxurious ride to one of the most popular museums in Basel. Kunstmuseum is a museum of fine arts that houses collections showcasing paintings from the 14th to the 20th century. Want to witness the works of van Gogh, Gauguin, and Cézanne or Picasso and Léger? The trip to the museum is a must. Explore the 15th-century Heilsspiegelaltar, by Konrad Witz, 16th-century portraits by Holbein the Younger, and Rembrandt's David with Goliath's Head from 1627 stress-free with a taxi Basel airport

Stop At Basel Minster -

This is the largest cathedral in Basel that you cannot afford to miss. It was built between 1019 and 1500 combining Romanesque and Gothic styles making it one of the outstanding architectural masterpieces in Switzerland. The amazing cathedral is mostly known for its red sandstone walls and colored roof tiles. The visitors can also enjoy the views of the Rhine river. Book a Basel taxi now. Also, make sure to see the St. Gallus doorway in the north transept, one of the oldest doorways in Europe. The large rose window is the talk of the town.

Fun at Tinguely Museum -

Are you a fan of Jean Tinguely, the Swiss sculptor? Then, book Basel airport transfer and reach Jean Tinguely museum that contains the impressive collection of sculptures and drawings of the Swiss artist. Not only this, you can learn more about him through the extensive library of documents and photos. It is a great place to explore some contemporary works of art. Situated in the Solitudepark on the Rhine’s right bank, the museum houses one of his final pieces of art including Méta Maxi-Maxi Utopia from 1987, a tangle of pulleys, wooden wheels, and electric motors with steps. Make your journey a peaceful experience with Zurich to Basel airport


Rathaus (Town Hall) and Marktplatz -

While wandering around Old Town, don’t forget to visit the main focal point of the area, none other than Marktplatz. Book airport transfer Basel and enjoy a daily outdoor market selling local produce, flowers, and food items. Here, you can also find the City Hall Building, a top attraction to be explored that has the Late Burgundian Gothic style dating from 1504 to 1521. Make sure to step into the amazing courtyard full of wall paintings, and a statue from 1574 representing the founder of the town, Munatius Plancus. You can also visit the Regierungsratssaal, and Grossratssaal. 

The list doesn’t end here. The popular city of Switzerland has many more things that deserve to be discovered at least once while staying in the country. Book Basel limousine service and enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free trip to Basel. The Old Town is relatively small but is full of wonders to be embraced by the visitors while Basel's several dozen museums along with churches and interesting neighborhoods are worth taking a look at.  


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