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10 unknown facts about Friedrichshafen Airport

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The city of Friedrichshafen is located at the northeastern corner of Lake Constance. The presence of both mountains and lakes in a historic setting has given the city a fairy tale charm. Millions of tourists visit the place every year for fun, leisure, and peaceful holidays. The city charms every type of traveler, whether you are looking for a cosmopolitan vibe or silence in the hills, it has it all.



What makes it so accessible to the world, is the availability of excellent Friedrichshafen Airport transfer. For anyone who is looking for a comfortable and hassle-free flight to Germany, Friedrichshafen airport is the place to land. The airport serves some of the most famous people from the world and so their Friedrichshafen transfer services are the best.

Here we are going to discuss some of the less-discussed facts about both Friedrichshafen city as well as the airport. So, let us begin. 



It was ruined in World War II

Germany was an active part of the World War and so its cities have gone through a lot. During the Second World War, the city was ruined badly and what we see today was built after World War II. You can book an Airport transfer Friedrichshafen
to see its modern-day charm. The chauffeurs will show you the city in the best way possible, and you will save time on your research and planning. 


It has the Third-largest Airport

Friedrichshafen has many tourists incoming every winter and to serve it, there is a huge airport. Friedrichshafen Airport is the third-largest airport of Baden-Wurttemberg. The chauffeurs of Friedrichshafen Limousine are lined up here to take people to their destination. 

Its’ First Flight 

The airport Friedrichshafen was established in the year 1915 and the first passenger flight took off in the year 1929. Since then it has been the most popular tourist choice as people come to discover its beautiful aviation world.


It has an important role in the aviation history

Friedrichshafen has played a very important role in the history of aviation. It was Friedrichshafen only where the development of the cigar-shaped airships took place. The flight first took place in the year 1900 and by the beginning of the 20th century; several famous airships dominated the sky of Friedrichshafen. 


It is nearest to winter game locations

 As the airport is near to the Austrian Alps, it is quite busy during the winter season. People from all around the world come here to enjoy the winter games. Land at the Friedrichshafen airport and from there you can book our premium Taxi Friedrichshafen


It has an excellent weather

The weather condition in Germany is amazing all year round. The city is located 407 meters above the sea range. Therefore, the temperature can be quite warm in the summers. You can also expect good rainfall. Just book a limousine transfer Friedrichshafen or limousine service Friedrichshafen and the journey will be fun regardless of the temperature. 

It is a place of three borders

This is the palace where the borders of Switzerland, Germany, and Austria meet. Feast, joy celebrate and experience the amalgam of three different cultures in one place.


The best time to visit

The best time to visit Friedrichshafen is from May to September. If you want to escape the crowd, the rest of the year is preferred. Tourists love the hustle-bustle of the main city as well as the countryside charm. Get a Friedrichshafen Chauffeur and the rest will be a fun and relaxing experience. 

Its Vibrant Culture

The city of Friedrichshafen is located on the shores of Lake Constance. It displays the largest exhibition of airship travel. The Dornier museum brings years of space and air travel to life with an aircraft hangar. Observe the 12 classic original aircraft, 7 full-scale aerospace models, and numerous other satellite and spacecraft models.

It has the famous Zeppelin Museum 

Another place to visit the aviation miracles is the zeppelin museum, which displays the Zeppelin airships that first originated in this city only. The place makes you feel as if you have entered a place of high-quality aeronautic products. 



Some of the other places to visit in the city is the Aussichtsturm Moleturm, Messe Friedrichshafen, Lake Constance, Castle Church of Friedrichshafen, Uferpromenade Friedrichshafen, Virtual Welt Friedrichshafen, Buchhorn Fountain, Schulmuseum, Messe Friedrichshafen. However, it is always better to set up a schedule in advance to escape last minutes cancellations and long queues. 


One of the right ways to visit the city is by landing at the and booking a Friedrichshafen taxi. The chauffeurs of this Limousine Transfer Friedrichshafen make sure you reach your destination comfortably and get to know the place in the best way possible. They will arrive way before you and will take you to the booked location. Most times, they also recommend the best local places to stay at and eat at. 

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