Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms & conditions carefully before interacting with us or booking our services online from our website or app. By making a booking to us, it will be deemed that you have read & agreed to all our mentioned conditions on this page and will be legally bound as we hold the right to modify the content posted on our site anytime along with other information contained in the website. 

We at Noble Transfer will act as a booking agent in the booking of the transportation services on this website. In order to know the full details of who we are and how to reach us, please refer to these terms & conditions carefully. 

Contract Between You and Services

Noble Transfer will act as an intermediary agent for the third party transfer services i.e. the contract for the provision of the private transfer services is between you and the third-party service provider. When you book a service from our website, you have automatically entered into a contract with us. The object of this contract is the arrangement of the travel service to fulfill the user’s ride request. We, Noble Transfer then send a confirmation mail to the user for the travel services that have been arranged. The arrangement that has been set between the Noble Transfer and user for the requested travel service comes into effect only through a separate statement by Noble Transfer per email. 

Online Booking/Hiring Procedure 

We are providing a range of private transfer services available on our website. Just choose your comfort ride and make an order. For booking any order, there is a procedure that you have to follow. 

  1. Before making an order, keep one thing in mind that all orders must be placed at least 48 hours in advance of your departure.

  2. While making an order with our services, the client is required to provide personal information and other necessary information about the services to be provided to the company. It includes the name of the passenger (each passenger in case if more than one), date & time, Picks up and drops off location, payment details as well as the information related to the subsequent payment of the requested services. 

  3. Once the transfer is received or acknowledged by the company, we issue its receipt of the payment by email. This email simply confirms the fact that we have processed the payment and now we are dealing with your service booking request. Keep in mind that this is not a confirmation mail of booking. The binding contract comes between you and our services when we send you the confirmation mail of your booking. 

  4. It is your duty to confirm that all the details provided by you to purchase our services are correct and the Debit or Credit Card you are using for making the payment contain sufficient funds or credit facilities to cover the cost of service. Noble Transfer reserves the right to check the validity of your credit/debit card details before providing you the services. If there are any changes in the previously provided details, it is the client’s responsibility to contact the company and request an acknowledgment of receipt. If we do not get any validation or payment, we have the right to cancel the booking.

  5. If we have successfully allocated the bookings to you, a confirmation mail will be produced to you detailing your journey and chauffeur’s details. You must take a print out of it and present it to the driver for receiving the services you have booked. Failure to produce this voucher may result in the service not being provided to you. 

  6. You must check the details of your voucher as soon as you receive it as it may be difficult to make changes later.  

Transfer Price

The prices that are being offered by Noble Transfer for purchasing its private transfer services are all-inclusive with tolls and local taxes as well as do not contain any hidden or extra costs unless otherwise specified by the clients, for example, additional stops, waiting time, last-minute updates, etc. The details of the prices for the service and the procedures for payment and delivery are mentioned on our site, please go through. These prices have been decided on the basis of current rates and tariffs but the quoted price to the clients at the time of reservation may further converted in the event of a change in price determinants such as Swiss franc / Euro exchange rate, fuel costs, taxes or other mandatory government laws.


  1. While making any booking to us, you are required to perform full payment during the online booking procedure.

  2. We accept several types of payment options such as Credit card, Debit card, bank transfer (at least 5 days before the pickup date) as well as PayPal payment platform. If you are providing us Credit card details, it is deemed that you hold the right and authority to use the card and ensures the company for withdrawing the amount in the payment of services you have booked with us. 

  3. If you request, we can also issue a secure online payment link visible only to the user for processing further online payment. This will also help in ensuring the privacy of the client’s personal information in full compliance with relevant data privacy laws. 

  4. If you want to pay in cash for our services, the company may demand to provide your Credit card details just for security so that in case of late cancellation or no presence of client on the given place and time of the pick-up in accordance with the Terms and conditions. 

  5. If any point of time, we feel the necessity to bring some changes in fare after the booking has been made, we will issue a written confirmation of these in the mail. In case if you are not fine with the changes made, you can cancel the booking free of charge and your money will be refunded in full within 5 working days.

Changes and Cancellation in Booking 

  1. In order to make a request to make any changes in your booking, you must send it in writing and it will only come into effect when we receive it & confirm to you by email that your changes have been made. 

  2. Further, we do not take any administration or modification fees from our clients for this purpose. The changes can be made by using the booking section of our site or writing by email at least 48 hours in advance of travel. 

  3. All changes are subject to the company’s availability of suitable capacities. 

  4. You can make the changes in terms of pick up or drop off location, flight details, number or age of passengers, etc. where there are no administration fees is required. If the ride is willingly lightened (Distance or number of hours) according to the wish of client, for example, customers book 2 hours where are 40 km free, but he drove 2.5 hours and 48 km, then the actual service ie. total distance or number of hours will be recalculated and priced after considering current price structure. If you are booking services with Noble Transfer on an hourly basis, then each additional 30 minutes block will be calculated for invoicing. 

  5. If the changes made by us reduce the payment, then a refund for the remaining amount will be offered to you subject to approval by the company.

  6. You can make a request for cancellation of our service via mail or phone but it will only come into effect when received and acknowledged by us. For cancellation, you can use our booking section of the website 

  7. We will inform you as soon as possible if the necessary changes and cancellations have been done on your request. We will also try to find the most suitable solution/alternative for you with no extra cost.

Protection of Content

The content posted, published and mentioned on our site contains the full copyright protection. We provide a guarantee to the accuracy of the content on this website, or this is free from any viruses or anything else that contains bugs or destructive properties. We hold the full prohibiting rights regarding modification, subsequent publication, reproduction and total or partial representation of the same without having any prior consent.


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