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5 Must-Do Activities In Washington, D.C.

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Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States is a city that blends history, politics, and culture together. With its historical monuments, world-class museums, and vibrant neighborhoods, there is never a shortage of things to do here. Just book a chauffeur service Washington to roam around the city. 

Whether you're a history enthusiast, an art lover, a museumgoer, or a foodie, Washington, D.C. offers activities to suit every visitor’s choice. The Washington chauffeur knows the city by heart, so they will show you all the hotspots of the city. 

The airport transfer Washington will pick you up directly from the airport and will take you to your itinerary list. In this article, we will explore some must-do activities in Washington, D.C. These are the top 5 spots according to Washington chauffeur service:

1. Visit the National Mall 

No trip to Washington, D.C. is complete without visiting the National Mall. The mall starts from the Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial, which is a two-mile-long park. The park is home to the most iconic landmarks of America. Start your tour from the Washington Monument, which offers a breath-taking view of the city. The Washington Museum has an observation deck that shows the entire city. 

Down the Mall, you will get to see the memorials, which is a tribute to the great leaders of the nation, such as the Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. The National Mall also hosts several festivals, concerts, and events throughout the year. Check the dates of your tour to see if any event is happening in the city. Your limousine service Washington can help you confirm the dates. 

2. Explore the Smithsonian Museums 

Washington is home to some of the best museums in the world and the Smithsonian Institution is the most incredible one. The museum houses an amazing collection that is sure to captivate visitors. Together known as the Smithsonian Institution, the world-renowned museum is home to 17 museums and galleries. It is an all-admission-free opportunity and you can spend days seeing the wide range of exhibitions. You can reach there with Washington car service

The collection of the museum includes the National Museum of Natural History, National Air & Space Museum, National Museum of American History, National Museum of African American History and Culture, American Art Museum and Renwick Gallery, National Air and Space Museum Steven F., Smithsonian Institution Building also known as The Castle. Apart from this, there is the National Museum of the American Indian, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, National Portrait Gallery, National Museum of Asian Art, National Postal Museum, National Museum of African Art, and Anacostia community museum.



These museums have everything from science to history to art, so whatever you are looking for you will get here. Your Washington limousine service can take care of your travel arrangements. 

3. Discover the Smithsonian’s' National Zoo

For those who are interested in nature and wildlife, the Smithsonian National Zoo brings a wonderful experience. The zoo has a diverse collection of animals from across the world. There are more than 2000 animals in this zoo and some species are quite rare to find anywhere else. Some of the main attractions you will see here are majestic lions, giant pandas, elephants, birds, and reptiles. The zoo also focuses on conservation efforts, and educational opportunities, which promotes consciousness about endangered species. Take a walk through the grounds to see and learn about these animals. The airport Washington transfer can take you to the zoo. 


4. Tour the United States Capitol

Another important spot to see in the city is the United States Capitol. It’s better to take a guided tour of the city as you will be guided about the history and politics of the nation. There are several historic chambers in the Capitol such as the House of Representatives and the Senate. Another fascinating sight here is the architectural beauty of the Rotunda, which is adorned with magnificent frescoes representing important scenes from American history.  

There is a visitor centre also that showcases informative pieces that talk about the heritage of the United States. In the end, you can take a walk around the Capitol grounds to admire the beautiful gardens and statues. To reach the Capitol ground, you can take the car service Washington

5. Delve into the Vibrant Neighborhoods of Georgetown

Beyond its famous landmarks and iconic buildings, Washington, D.C. also has vibrant neighborhoods that are a must to explore.  One of the best neighborhoods to explore is Georgetown, which is packed with charming streets, shops, and waterfront views. These streets are filled with art galleries, restaurants, and buzzing nightlife. Reach the neighborhood with the help of a transfer Washington airport. Take a walk on these streets, relax at one of the cafes, or fancy a meal at one of the world-class restaurants. 



Make your bookings for Washington airport transfer in advance. The chauffeur Washington will take care of all your travel arrangements.

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