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5 Places to visit in Grindelwald

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Grindelwald has been a famous shooting location for many big brand movies like Star Wars and James Bond series. If you have ever dreamt of staying at a Mountain Resort, then Grindelwald is your answer. Located in the Bernese Alps the village stands adjacent to the North face of Eiger. It was only in 1938, that the North face was climbed upon and since then it has been a major tourist destination for climbers from all across the world. 

The Grindelwald is also famous for its cable cars and dozens of miles of ski trails. The best time to visit the place is during the winter when the ski resort is open for several winter games like sledging and skiing. 

You can reach the place through a Grindelwald chauffeur service, but from there you will have to take a train or cable car. Most of the areas within the village are car-free; still, you can reach the drop points via Grindlewald limousine services. The nearest airport to Grindelwald is the Zurich airport once and you land at the airport you can hire a Grindelwald taxi service to reach the village.



Another alternative to reach Grindelwald is via the Basil airport, which is just three hours’ drive from the main village. Once you are at the airport, a Grindelwald chauffeur will take you to your desired destination.

First Cliff Walk

Want to have some fun in the village, the first thing you need to do is take the gondola to reach the peak on Schwarz horn. The first Cliff Walk holds plenty of opportunities for those who are in search of some adventure. The Cliff Walk offers the view of Alpine mountains, Lakes, waterfall, and Rocky cloves. You can also go Mountain biking and experience the thrilling zip line. The easiest way to reach the First Cliff Walk is by taking a cable car. A taxi from Grindelwald will take you to the place from where you can board the cable car. 


Eiger trail

Eiger trail is already famous among seasoned climbers and hikers. The trail extends across the region or six kilometers. The path is tricky, but if you have few hours, you can reach the height of North of Eiger. Do not forget to take the Binocular with you to catch the scenic delights of the Eiger trail. Hikers can reach the tiger trail via the Tiger Express, which leaves from the terminal station in Grindelwald. To reach the terminal station, you can take out premium Grindelwald limousine service.

Jungfraujoch Excursion

Reaching the summit of 3,454 meters is one of the most preferred day trips for the people of Switzerland. Among the many delights that you can discover in Grindelwald, the Jungfraujoch excursion is the best place to visit. You can take a train from Grindelwald and reach the summit in just 90 minutes. There is also a provision of the cable car to the idle station and from there you can take the train that reaches in just 30 minutes. When you reach the summit, you can explore the ice Palace and Sphinx Observatory. 

Hike to Bachalpsee

A round trip to Bachalpsee is only 6 km, but it will take around 50 minutes to complete the walk. It is completely up to you whether you want to take a hike are reach the summit through a cable car. Depending on the weather conditions, the cable car operates from June until late October.


Grindelwald Canyon Swing

If you are looking for some real-time adventure in Grindelwald, Canyon swing can be the real deal. There is a very fast-flowing river at the base of Grindelwald and above it is a Launchpad that enables you to take a jump through the Canyon swing. You can take a 50 meters free fall from the launch pad, which is the best adventure for Adrenaline junkies. Do not worry about the security, as there are trained instructors to make sure you take the swing with utmost safety. 

No matter how many days was planning to stay in Grindelwald, there is no shortage of fun and adventure in Grindelwald? You can go to the hiking trails paragliding and so much more. 

The place also has the biggest rope park in Europe. Book a limousine service Grindelwald and visit the place in any weather. Choose from the five circuits and a guide will show you around the rope. There is also the Grindelwald museum, which is also the perfect spot for history and art lovers. 

If you want to visit the city in real elegance, it is recommended to book your premium service Grindelwald airport transfer. The chauffeurs from Grindelwald limousines make sure you travel the city in comfort. 

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