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5 Things To Do In Cagliari

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Not everyone knows that Sardinia is a part of Italy and a must to discover a place on your voyage to Italy. It is one of the first regions that became part of Italy in 1861. The best part about visiting this place is, it has a completely different vibe from what you will find in the rest of Italy. This is mainly because it’s an island located quite far from the mainland. You can notice the difference just while traveling there with the Cagliari airport transfer



If you are short on time but want to see most of Sardinia, we would recommend you start your journey from Cagliari. The airport transfer Cagliari facilities are awesome enough to engage in a day-night tour. The island city serves as a gateway to the north coast of Africa. Being the capital of Sardinia, the city is the main point for industries, factories, and even tourism. 

If you want to travel in comfort and luxury, you have to book your chauffeur service Caligari in advance. There are endless attractions and to-dos in the city as it has plenty of historical buildings, parks, and adventurous activities. The beauty of this island city has enchanted travellers forever and continues to do so. 

To take care of your travel requirements, airport Caligari transfer will always be there. They will pick you up from the airport and will take you to your hotel or wherever it is you want to stay. Here are some things to do during your stay in Cagliari:

1. The Marina

As we said above Caligari is an important port location on the south coast of Sardinia, Marina is the place where you should head first. Your Cagliari car service can take you there. This is where the cruise ships dock and most of the business is done. The Marina is full of shops restaurants, and walking trails. So, you can expect to have endless fun in this area with good food and wine. 

2. Bastione San Remy

Another popular place in the city is the Saint Remy Bastion, which was once a structure to fortify Cagliari. It also connects the upper and lower parts of the city, and that’s why it’s an important symbol of the old town. you can either take the stairs from Piazza Costituzione or the elevator from Giardino Sotto Le Mura. The bastion has an open terrace from where you get the perfect view of the city. From up there you also get to see the Mediterranean Sea and the port area. To reach the staircase or the elevator, you can take the car service Cagliari

3. Duomo Cathedral

The cathedral of Cagliari was built in the 13th century, but it was renovated again in the 1930s to maintain its Pisan style of architecture. There are several frescos and sculptures in this cathedral and in the crypt, there are the relics of 179 martyrs. You will also get to see the signatures of the 13th-century Pisan master, builder of the leaning tower, and Mastero Guillermo.

The other interesting spots are the 13th-century walls that are left as it is and you will notice the big difference in the renovations. To go to the cathedral, you can book a Cagliari chauffeur service. Some of the other cathedrals you can see around are the Chiesa di San Michele, the Chiesa di Santa Anna, the Chiesa di Sant’Efisio, and the Chiesa di Sant Sepolcro. 

4. San Benedetto Market 

If you are visiting Cagliari, it’s an amazing chance to discover the Sardinian Gastronomy with local Cagliari chauffeur. Head towards the San Benedetto Market as it’s the busiest and largest food market in the city. Here you can get a variety of food products including cheese (especially sheep cheese), cold cuts., fish, and a variety of seafood. 



The locals are quite friendly here and will pack the items beautifully, if you want to bring some local produces back home. Some of the main delicacies here include pizzetta sfoglia, which is a phyllo pastry with anchovies, capers, and tomato sauce. The limousine service Cagliari will take you to all the local spots to get the best food. 

5. Spend a day at its beach

No matter what season it is, the locals always love to go to the city beaches. Whether it’s for a coffee, walk, or drink, you will always see people on the Sardinian beaches. So, ask your chauffeur Cagliari to take you on the trip. 



The best beach in the town is the Poetto Beach where you can go swimming or just relax on the shoreline. Some other beaches, you can explore here are Calamosca and Cala Fighera. The Cagliari limousine service can take you on a day trip to these beaches. 

Just make sure to book the airport Cagliari transfer in advance to avoid any last-minute hassle.

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