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5 things to do in Dalaman

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In the southwest of Turkey, there is the beautiful province of Dalaman. Located in the coastal plain, the district is full of awesome things to do and see. The chauffeur service Dalaman will take you there and show you all the best places to explore. 

The city has everything from lazy beaches to ancient structures to explore. There is also a beautiful lagoon, where you can enjoy several water activities. Another must-do activity in the region is a good mud bath. Best of all, the city has endless sunshine and that’s something a lot of travelers seek. Whether you are looking for a peaceful holiday or some outdoor adventure, you get the perfect opportunity here. The city is best explored with the assistance of a local Dalaman chauffeur. 



You can visit Dalaman any time of the year, and it's equally charming. Just make sure to book the airport transfer Dalaman in advance as booking at the last moment might cause you to pay for a surge too. On the other hand, if you book in advance, you don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying the city at its full. The Dalaman airport is just 6.7 km away from the main city center. All the travel-related arrangements will be taken care of by the Dalaman airport transfer

Here are the five things to do in the city:

1. The Dalyan River

When in the Dalaman, there isn’t a better place to explore than the Dalyan River. Several private luxury boat options are there to take you on a comfortable ride. It’s a laid-back environment, but a great opportunity to see the Loggerhead Sea Turtles. Your Dalaman chauffeur service can take you there.

It is a protected region for breeding ground of turtles and there is a restaurant from where you can watch the sea turtles. The river also brings you several opportunities for indulging in water activities. Go ahead swimming, or snorkeling in this serene river surrounded by greenery. 

2. Explore Marmaris

If you have enough time, ask your limousine service Dalaman to take you to Marmaris. Overall, the entire place is good to explore, but the best part is its honey house. It’s a scientific center that raises awareness regarding bees and pines honey.

For those who don’t know this fact, let’s tell you that Turkey is one of the countries that produces the most amount of honey in the world. Even the shape of this honey house resembles a honeycomb. Your chauffeur Dalaman can take you there. Here you can learn briefly about beekeeping and why it’s important to take care of our bees. Do not leave without buying a jar of freshly retrieved honey. 

You can spend one day at the Marmaris beach, diving into the seas and going on boat tours. The beach is perfect for relaxing watching sea turtles and picnicking with friends and family. To go to the beach, you can book a Dalaman car service


3. Visit the Blue Lagoon

In case you are exploring the beaches of Dalaman, then a short walk from the Oludeniz beach is the Blue Lagoon. The whole area comes under a protected national park that’s surrounded by beautiful turquoise waters. Along with the blue lagoon, there are also some beautiful beaches to explore. You can go paddle boarding and boating in the water. There are several restaurants on the sides where you can sit and enjoy some delicious food. To go to the Blue Lagoon, you can book a limousine service Dalaman

4. Enjoy a mud bath

Dalaman is known for its mud bath, so when you are visiting the place, embrace the chance to enjoy it.  These baths are specially designed to treat conditions like dry skin, back pain, infertility, and arthritis. But you have to make sure, you are getting the treatment from an authorized source for full benefit. Your car service Dalaman can take you to a reliable mud bath center. 

5. Taste the local delicacies

In the Dalaman region, you are going to get some of the best Turkish cuisines. Some of the dishes, you must try are Turkish pizza, meatballs, and kofte. You should also try the Coban Korma and Kus Yuvasi. As for the dessert, try the famous Lokma, which is a kind of Turkish doughnut, poured with sugary syrup and cinnamon. Now, depending on whether you want to eat in a fancy restaurant or a food stall, the choice is yours. Ask your transfer Dalaman airport about the best places to eat. 



Book your airport Dalaman transfer in advance, if you want to enjoy a trouble-free journey. The local chauffeurs are ready to go an extra mile when it comes to making your ride comfortable.

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