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5 Top Things to Do in Oakland

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When people make their itinerary list for visiting America, they often overlook cities like Oakland because of the famous neighboring cities like San Francisco. But, if you want to enjoy your American trip entirely, you must visit towns like Oakland, which is a different world. So, book your Oakland airport transfer and travel to the town instead of hesitating.

The Oakland airport is the fourth largest airport in the region, catering to millions of tourists annually. Whether planning to visit the city for a day, a week, or a more extended period, you will be satisfied with what it offers. You can directly book your ticket for this airport, and the Oakland chauffeur will take care of the rest of the transportation. 



So, when you are in the city, here are the 5 things to do, according to chauffeur service Oakland:

1. Go to Lake Merritt

To experience true peace in the city, you must go to Lake Merrit with a chauffeur Oakland. It is the perfect green spot to spend a day with friends and family. You will find amenities like a jogging park, Gondola rides, and sports activities like Kayaking, pedal boating, and rowing. 

There are different gardens in this area, each dedicated to a certain kind of plant. For example, there is an edible garden Mediterranean Garden Bonsai Garden. Sit around, watch the chirping birds, or enjoy one of your favorite water activities, the choice is yours. Once you have your fill of the park, enjoy the local cuisine of Oakland at the lake restaurant. The Oakland chauffeur service will take care of all your transportation requirements. 

2. Explore the Camron-Stanford House

When you are at Lake Merritt, you can’t miss the experience of the beautiful mansions around. This will also save your fare for car service Oakland.  There are several Victorian mansions on the bank of Lake Merritt, but only a few are preserved, one of which is the Camron-Stanford house. The structure was built in 1876 and it's still equally beautiful. 



You can attend one of the themed tea parties that make you feel like you have walked back in time. To accompany these parties, you must make your bookings in advance. In case, you don’t get a booking here, you can enjoy a meal at the lake restaurant that lets you have your meal in beautiful outdoor seating. 

3. Children’s Fairyland

If kids accompany you, give them a choice to rejoice in the beautiful fairyland of Oakland. It is an establishment of the 1950s that has recently improved and become more fun. You can go there by booking a limousine service Oakland. The best part about the park is its enchanting sets that give life to storybooks like Alice in Wonderland Tunnel, Peter Rabbit's Garden, and Peter Pan. 

Your kids will like the puppet show that represents culture worldwide. A tiny railroad also passes through the park, and then a tunnel. Also, kids can enjoy rides like the Ferris wheel, and the 1956 Wonder-Go-Round. Make sure you inform your Oakland limousine service in advance about going to the Fairyland, so that they can reach you on time. 

4. Festivals and events

No matter when you visit the city, something is always going on here. The local diversity allows you to enjoy several festivals and events. For example, there’s the Art + Soul Oakland Festival, which is filled with music, dance, and performances. Then there is the Thamescale Street Fair, celebrated in summertime, and the Loyalist St. Fair in August. Then in September, you can go to the Oakland Pride Parade and Festival and Eat Real Festival with an Oakland airport transfer

In October, you can catch the black cowboy parade and Heritage Festival. And then comes the unlimited Christmas fun fair that continues till New Year. So regardless of when you are visiting, if you have something great to attend to, make sure you have the booking for Oakland car service to avoid unnecessary wait. 


5. Explore the African American Museum

Visiting the African-American Museum is a great way to learn about this community of the country. And this museum is not just about art pieces, you will also find details of the most well-known African families in the region. There are video pieces that also provide you with ample information about the history. To go to the museum, you can book an airport Oakland transfer

The city can be a little busy during Christmas, so ensure you have booked your accommodation and transfer Oakland Airport in advance.

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