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Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting Napa

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When you talk about visiting Napa Valley, the first thing that comes to mind is its “Wine.” But that’s not all you will find in this valley. There is much more to do and see in this enchanting setting. According to the Napa chauffeur service, tourists and locals have plenty of work to occupy them. 

This beautiful Valley is located in Northern California, so visiting California can be a day trip for you. But if you plan to go there, we can organize for you this exclusive trip. And if you are in San Francisco or visiting the city, it’s also just 50 miles ahead. The ride from San Francisco to Napa Valley is beautiful and can be efficiently planned with Chauffeur Service Napa

As it’s a valley, you can expect it to be surrounded by some beautiful mountain ranges, and in the middle, hundreds of vineyards produce the best wines in America. The place is also known for its culinary excellence, which can be explored with a chauffeur Napa

So, you can expect the best food accompanied by the best wine. What else do you need on a trip: gorgeous surroundings, good food, and wine? Plan your trip to the valley with a Napa airport transfer and spend a day in the tranquil setting of Nappa Valley. 

How to reach Napa Valley?

The Napa County airport is closest to the valley so you can fly there directly. But if you are flying internationally, the closest one is Oakland International Airport, located 50 miles south. Then, there is the San Francisco International Airport or Sacramento International Airport. You can see that the connectivity here is excellent, so you have many choices. Just call an airport transfer Napa and you will be sorted. If you are traveling to a nearby city like San Francisco or California, then it’s also a great idea to drive from there.

How costly is a holiday in Napa Valley? 

Napa Valley is usually considered a luxurious place, so you can expect your trip cost to be slightly higher. However, if you plan carefully, all can be sorted within a budget. The average cost of Napa Valley accommodation is $198, but some basic ones start at as low as $90. Besides, if you make early bookings, you can get a great discount on your accommodation and car service Napa. 

What’s the best time to visit Napa Valley?

You can visit Napa Valley at any time of the year, but the best time is during the harvest season. The locals start harvesting somewhat in August and continue until October. The harvest can be a little early or later depending on the local weather. If you can plan your trip for the end of the harvest, you can even enjoy nice weather. You can plan your trip with a limousine service Napa Valley. 

Visit the Napa Valley Wineries

The perfect weather conditions in Napa Valley make it a suitable place for wineries. Some of its wineries are quite old; for instance, a few started back in the 1850s. There are three kinds of wineries in the region:  first, “valley wineries,” second, “mountain wineries,” and third, “bay wineries.” There are more than 500 wineries in the area, and some offer excellent tasting facilities. Your Napa limousine service can take you to one of the right ones.

Tasting is another thing, but even getting your hands on the freshly plucked grapes makes the day. Travel around, observe the harvesting process, see how wine is made, and, in the end, taste the delicious wine. Plan your trip with Napa car service to arrive on time. 

Enjoy the culinary delight of Napa

When visiting Napa Valley, there is plenty of food and drink. There is so much to explore culinary-wise. First, you must try the Squeeze cheeseburger grilled with oozing cheese. Next, you should try the Jalapeno Cornbread at Rutherford Grill. Regarding sweet dishes, go to the Model Bakery with your Napa chauffeur.

Napa also has some good BBQ options, like Red Rock Café, which serves authentic BBQ options, and trip-tip sandwiches, which are signs of Napa. The food becomes more interesting when the perfect wine accompanies it. Even the Napa-style margarita is a must-try. 

Shop in downtown Napa

If you want something more than wine and fine dining, there are some galleries and shopping spots on First Street in downtown Napa. Go there with your airport Napa transfer and explore the exhibition. There is plenty to shop around, so indulge in real-time or window shopping. 

Out premium transfer Napa airport ensures smooth travel arrangements in and out of Napa Valley, so you can explore the place without worrying about anything.

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