Top-10 Interesting Facts Every Traveler Must Know Before Visiting Stockholm

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The capital and the largest city of Sweden, Stockholm is a buzzing city located at the junction of Lake Mälar (Mälaren) and Salt Bay (Saltsjön) of the Baltic Sea, opposite the Gulf of Finland. Spread across the endless islands, the city is quite famous for its delicious coffee culture, award-winning architecture, outstanding restaurants, breathtaking natural beauty as well as iconic City Hall & Abba Museum and last but not least the world’s first open-air museum. But you might be surprised to know that the city holds plenty of other fascinating and exciting facts that even some locals might not be aware of. 

If you are traveling Stockholm for the first time or want to know more about the city, this blog will help you a lot to explore it to-the-fullest and make your itinerary more enjoyable. Let’s have a look:

1. World’s First National City Park 

The city has the world's first National City Park covering Ulriksdal, Haga, Brunnsviken, and Djurgården. It also includes museums, entertainments, 4 palaces, and the very famous Stockholm university.

2. Hemispherical Is The Largest Building Of The World 

Known as Ericsson Globe, it is the largest Hemispherical Building of the world with a diameter of 110 meters, a volume of 605 thousand cubic meters, and an inner height of 85 meters. Located south of the city's Södermalm district, you can see it from anywhere in Stockholm.

3. Home of World Heritage Sites

Stockholm is home to three main UNESCO World Heritage Sites which include, The Royal Palace at Drottningholm, The Woodland Cemetery, and the Birka archaeological site.

4. Plenty of Museums To Explore

You might be surprised to know that Stockholm has almost 100 museums per capita than anywhere else in the world. The famous one is The National Museum which consists of 50,000 paintings and other objects while some museums are free.

5. Bear Is Expensive And You Will Find It Only In Bars Or Restaurants 

If you are fond of drinks, then you are expected to have some cash as a glass of wine will cost you between $6 and $10 in a bar or restaurant. Systembolaget is a cool place to find liqueur or wine as supermarkets only have beer.

6. Do Not Need To Learn Swedish

Yes. You heard it right!!! Everyone in Sweden speaks English and in an even better way than you do. You do not have to worry about language barriers anymore. It is quite a good experience when you meet multilingual people while traveling through Europe.

7. Bicycles And Bicycles Everywhere

With almost 800 km of bicycle paths, more than 70,000 citizens ride on their bikes each day through dedicated bike lanes throughout the city. 

8. Stroll Around Through Walking

Though the city has wonderful Swedish Public Transport, one of the best things about exploring Stockholm is walking around and admiring countless attractions from island to island. You can walk around Stortorget, Old Town, and the heart of Stockholm ie. Royal Palace and Nobel Museum with gorgeous cobbled stone narrow streets.

9. Choose the Right Airport 

You might not know that Stockholm has more than one airport. There are 4 airports in the city - Arlanda, Bromma, Skavsta, and Vasteras airport. The main airport is Stockholm Arlanda used by most airline carriers located 40 km north of the city. For a lavish and comfortable airport transfer, you can book Premium Taxi From Arlanda Airport in-advance with Noble Transfer.

10. You Must Enjoy FIKA

A very crucial part of Swedish culture, your trip would be incomplete without enjoying a little FIKA. It is a Swedish coffee break you can enjoy with a pastry while traveling.

These are some of the most interesting and must-know facts about the city before visiting it. Stockholm is a beautiful and easy-to-wander city. You must visit it during March to May ie. in the summer. 

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