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International Travel Guide For Beginners By Noble Transfer

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So, finally, you have planned an international trip. Great!!! You must be very excited to walk along the beaches or get around to the city’s top attractions as soon as possible. No matter whether you are going for study or an international internship or work overseas, traveling internationally is a task full of adventure, excitement and lots of things to do & explore but at the same time, it is quite an overwhelming task. When you are traveling abroad, there are lots of things you will need to remember and take care of. From customs and import decisions to ensure a comfortable journey with an awareness of local traffic and culture. How to plan for a safe international trip? 

In this international travel guide, we are sharing some handy tips will help you to make your next trip safe and enjoyable. 

How to make an international tour more convenient and safe?

Are you thinking that you are ready for your trip of a lifetime? If yes, then wait for a second and think again. Planning for an international tour is not that easy but it is not that difficult also. Just memorize one mantra that, “Good & memorable trip takes efficient planning” You may find the whole process of booking tickets very cool and start fantasizing about your dream place but there are lots of things still remaining to do. What are those things? Just keep reading the blog and follow these simple tips. 

  1. Do some local research - You can make your traveling experience remarkable one if you know about the particular city or country you are traveling to. So, it would be a good idea if you do a research about the destination and find out every essential information you need to know before exploring that place such as culture, monetary system, festivals & events, food, and local market, etc. You can take the help of guidebooks, online articles, etc.

  2. Ensure Up to date passport- Generally, most of the countries require your passport to be valid for at least 6 months after entering into the country. This is a very crucial step for your international tour. So, check the expiration date of your passport & visas and if you do not have a passport, make sure you apply for it several months before as this procedure can take time especially if you need visas from foreign embassies. You should also keep a sufficient number of physical and digital copies of your passports with you and your relatives so that in the event of loss, you can contact them in an emergency and request new ones.

  3. Get Necessary Visa - The requirements for the visa can vary according to the country, so it is good to do some research and find out if the country of destination requires a visa or not. If they do require it, you will have to get it from the relevant foreign consular representative before visiting that country. You should apply for the visa months before s this could also take the time or might require to visit the local consular office.

  4. Packing- Packing is a very important factor to be taken care of while traveling abroad. As you have already researched about your destination so you have an idea of what to pack essentially. While the contents of your luggage mostly depend on the climate of that country but there are some of the most essential items you should always carry. Here they are as follows:

    a.) Passport and visa
    b.) Medicines
    c.) Insurance and ID cards
    d.) Cash, credit/debit cards
    e.) Portable charger
    f.) Earplugs, eye masks, and sleeping pills
    g.) Antibacterial wipes etc.

  5. Find out cheap flight - To save the additional money on your trip and to start your it in the best way, you must find the cheapest available flights but how to do it? There are several ways you can do this:

    a.) The ITA Matrix - It is a very powerful search software for flights where you can find the cheapest tickets and itinerary.

    b.) Google Flight - This is also an amazing tool created by Google when it comes to saving your time for searching for flights. Here you can conduct basic flight searches and discover destinations and maps by entering dates or places.

    c.) Necessary Kit - If you are going to board a flight with more than eight hours, it is good to pack a personal kit including a Neck pillow, earplugs, and eye masks. You should also have an adaptor for inflight entertainment with throwaway toweling slippers.

  6. Register your Trip - This is a very crucial option especially if you are traveling outside the country. You should get your trip registered online with the country department of state and enter your itinerary so that in case of emergency, the country's government can find and contact you. Or you can take the help of travel advisories. Registering with the embassies will help you as well as the respective government.

  7. Consider Insurance cover -Whether it is about your health, luggage protection or travel insurance, you must make sure that you are insured while abroad. Just put your efforts and come up with reliable and reputed travel insurance options online. Make sure that your insurance provider must include your medical insurance overseas. When a flight gets canceled or delayed, the insurance policy will help you cover most of the additional expenses. It can be short term and vary provider to provider. 

  8. Take care of health and get the vaccination done - Traveling abroad essentially include taking care of your health during the trip. So, before traveling, go to the official website of disease control and find out various health precautions you need to take in a particular destination. It also includes precautions with water and food, also try to find out whether you need a vaccination or not. If yes, talk to your physician about it and carry the required antibiotics with you.

  9. Ensure Money Conversion Requirements -Money conversion is an important area that cannot be overlooked while traveling outside the country. So make sure to check all the conversion rates and keep some cash in hand by exchanging your currency at the airport. However, you will get better rates in local banks instead of the airport or you can consult conversion rates with professional financial advisors or search the top & reputed currency conversion services for getting better benefits. You can use your cards also but keeping some local currency in hand is also necessary.

    a.) Credit Card - You should make sure that your credit card is working in the country you are visiting. It will help you with larger purchases such as at restaurants, car rentals, hotel bills, and airline tickets, etc.

    b.) ebit Card - These types of cards can offer you good exchange rates. You do not have to worry about withdrawing cash. Today there are ATMs all over the world.

    c.) Traveler’s cheque and prepaid cards - These are the secure and perfect alternative when you could not find an ATM for cash in your hand. 10. Do not forget safety - One of the most essential and important checklists while visiting an international tour is often neglected which is ensuring safety. While traveling, you will have to worry about pickpockets and thefts. If you do not want to be a victim, always keep an eye on your belongings and think about registering with travel insurance as an important task. 

  10. Do not forget safety - One of the most essential and important checklists while visiting an international tour is often neglected which is ensuring safety. While traveling, you will have to worry about pickpockets and thefts. If you do not want to be a victim, always keep an eye on your belongings and think about registering with travel insurance as an important task. 

  11. Choose the best accommodation - The thing where you can save lots of money while traveling abroad is on accommodation by choosing the best and affordable option. You will get better deals if you choose in advance especially if you are looking for small and character accommodation in the popular destination. Trivago, Trip Advisor or HotelsCombined are some really good options for finding out affordable and comfortable places to stay. 

  12. Download necessary Documents - Sometimes the most important things your store is on your phone instead of your suitcase. But what if you have limited battery or data? Here, offline maps come to the rescue. Though you can find Wi-Fi anywhere, from the safe surfing purpose, downloading offline maps will allow you to follow your GPS without any data.

  13. Learn important phrases in Local language - One of the best things you can do to survive your holidays in the best manner is conversing with people in their local language. Even if you are not perfect, the natives will appreciate your efforts. It is not necessary to learn the language but learning some key phrases will work to know the nooks and cranny of that place. 

  14. Research about local public transport - It is a good idea to research the best ways to get to/from the hotel or place from/to the airport if you want to avoid travel stress & anxiety and make your trip secured without any stress of getting lost. If you are willing to make your traveling experience more luxurious and comfortable, private airport transfers or shuttle services are the best options. There are many options like Noble Transfer to get an affordable yet luxury private transfer services to make your trip comfortable and luxurious in Switzerland & all across Europe at any time you need. 

Winding Up

To ensure a flawless, enjoyable and stress-free trip to a foreign country, it is important to plan & study efficiently in advance. The more you know about the customs and culture of the country, the more you will enjoy and take benefits from your journey. Make sure you do not carry any valuable items like precious jewelry with you. Following these tips and getting knowing will help you to make your journey a memorable experience instead of a headache due to lack of planning. So stay aware, keep safety your top priority and enjoy the journey!!!  


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