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Marseille: A complete travel guide

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Marseille has 2600 years of rich history and is considered one of the oldest cities in France. You would be surprised to know that it opened to tourists in the 20th century. The city was founded in 600 BC and was then known as Massalia. It was developed into an important port that enabled trade between the civilizations of Northwest Europe and the Mediterranean. The cosmopolitan city of France is the second largest after Paris and attracts millions of tourists to its lively and vibrant appeal. 

Marseille is a fascinating place to visit. You will be left mesmerized by its blue waters, charming old streets, red roofs of the houses, and ports that are occupied by fishing boats. If you have got a chance to visit France, do not miss the opportunity to see one of the most ancient cities in France and book an airport transfer Marseille.



Even the transportation of the city is quite fabulous, as you will find excellent Marseille airport transfer.  Our premium chauffeur service Marseille is always on point and that’s one reason to visit the city. So, if you are in Marseille, these are some places you can visit:

Old port

Earlier the Old Port was the centre of trade for France and many industries used it for transportation. But now most of the industries have moved to the modern port and what are left here are cruises and boats for small takeaway and tourism. And, the warehouses around this area have been converted into waterfront cafes, seafood restaurants, and stylish hotels. Some of the must-see attractions around the old port are Fort Saint-Jean a church of Saint Ferreol Les Augustins. You can book Marseille chauffeur services and travel around the city with the best Marseille chauffeur service


Calanques National Park

The Calanques National Park is the site of incredible beauty and rich cultural heritage. The park is located in the South of France and is spread over 20 kilometres of coastline that covers Marseille , Cassis, and La Ciotat. This is one of those parks that have everything including land, sea, and some fascinating urban infrastructures. Some of the cruises departing from the Old Port will take you to this park. There are lots of hiking trails in and around the park, and some of them meet each other. At some point, most of these parts are marked too. You can also book a Marseille  limousine service to reach the point. 

The majestic Palais Longchamp

The majestic Palais Longchamp is the oldest museum in Marseille. This museum boasts a collection of some of the best artworks by Italian and French artists.  If you have any interest in art then this is the place that you must visit on your trip to Marseille.  The art collection of Palais Longchamp museum dates back to the 17th century. On top of it, there’s a beautiful park,  where you can spend time enjoying the greenery and incredible Artwork. Even kids can have a lot of fun in this park. Just book a limousine service in Marseille  for a smooth transfer.


Visit Cathédrale de la Major's

Marseille cathedral is one of the most important buildings in the city. Tourists gather here to appreciate the architecture and history of the cathedral.  And the young generation finds it the perfect spot for photography.  The structure showcases several dooms and towers, the highest of which is as high as 52 feet. The building is decorated with white and green milestones, which gives the cathedral an incredible view. Cathédrale de la Major's has been basilica minor since 1896 and it’s also the seat of the Archdiocese of Marseille. You can visit the place by booking a Marseille airport transfer.

Wander through the city's biggest avenue

If you are near the Old Port, then you have the opportunity to visit the city’s biggest Avenue. La Canebière is a place where you will find the hustle-bustle of the city.  The avenue also represents the rich and luxurious history of La Canebière. The architectural delight of this avenue is worth celebrating.   Most of these buildings have been converted into restaurants, cafes, and shopping complexes. These buildings still have some of their previous grandeur. It would be wise to book a Marseille chauffeur services in advance.

Marseille  is a place that never stops, but in the last decade the notorious noisy ports of the city has been converted into smooth and quite place that is booming with tourism. During rush season, you would find it difficult to get Marseille car services. That’s why it’s recommended to pre-book the car services in Marseille.

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