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World Economic Forum: Davos

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The resort village of Davos is located at the height of 1500 meters and that makes it one of the highest towns in the country. Given that it is located at such a height, tourists get to enjoy the mountains, glaciers, as well as the river. The fun doesn’t stop here as there are ski lifts, cable cars, and funiculars that take it even further.

The city is also one of the most famous tourist destinations in Switzerland. Tucked in the stunning ranges of the Swiss Alps, it attracts quite an amount of tourists in both the summer and winter seasons. There is so much to see and discover in this beautiful city of Switzerland that you would want to come here again and again. 


World Economic Forum - Davos

The Davos taxi ensures that you have a nice and easy journey. The nearest airport to the city is Altenrhein airport, which is just 79.7 km away and then there is Zurich airport which is 120 km from here. You can book a Davos Chauffeur service to communicate from the airport to Davos. 

But before you start your trip to the city and book Davos transfer service, let us tell you what makes the city so famous. 

Davos is a beautiful village in the Landwasser Valley. The town first gained the world’s attention when it was recognized as a health and wellness town in the 20th century. It was when the German physician Alexander Springer noticed that the city was not at all affected by the Tuberculosis epidemic in the 1860s. 

After this, the city was categorized as a Health and Wellness Center. According to Alexander, it was the healing power of the mountain air and the high altitude climate which made it the idol location for treating Tuberculosis. His beliefs led to opening up numerous spas in the Alps town. It has been years but you can still witness the natural charm of the winter resort. Just book a chauffeur service Davos and witness the beauty of Davos. 

Although the city is not as tempting in comparison to another Swiss town, it is the surrounding nature that makes it so wanted by the tourists. 

Ernst-Ludwig, the German expressionist chose to spend the last 20 years of his life at this place. When he reached Davos he was already battling with drug addiction but the enchanting beauty of Davos helped him get rid of it and within a year he was back to work. 

To honor his work and stay in the city, a museum was opened, which displays most of his work.  The location of the museum was changed in the year 1992 as the paintings were moved to a better location and now there are 1400 paintings that you can find here.  Along with his painting, the museum also displays things from his work life, hi letters, childhood paintings, and other belongings. You can ask your taxi Davos to drop you at the museum. 


World Economic Forum Davos

Another reason why Davos is so famous is because of the World Economic Forum. The WEF is an international NGO headquartered in Geneva, Canton, Switzerland. The mission of the NGO is to improve the world’s Status by engaging in Academic, political, and business agendas. Every year the NGO hosts an annual meeting in the city of Davos. Leaders from all around the world join WEF Davos and discuss the global issues for four continuous days. 

The little town of Davos turns into the hub spot for global leaders, business people, and civil society. You can see the entire Davos booked as the elites of the society gathered together to solve world issues.

The Forum considers the Town of Davos as a relaxing and recreational place, where people can restore their health and mind.

The first-ever forum was organized in the year 1971 by Klaus Schwab. The forum was called European Management Symposium and it brought almost 450 participants together. The speakers at the joint included physicists, politicians, scientists, economists as well as public policy commentators.

The summit continued for almost a fortnight, and the profit was the whopping amount of $37,674. The organizers planned to continue the tradition forever and that is how WEF Davos began. 

It is quite difficult to find a room in the Davos city, when the summit is going on. The entire city remains on high security for the entire meeting season. 

Apart from being politically famous, Davos also showcases a beautiful Panorama and lush green surrounding. You can either enjoy skiing at the winter village resort or just take a walk at Lake Davos. There are a lot of transportation facilities like Transfer services Davos that can make your journey easier. 

Rinehorn is another famous location is the gives you a glimpse of the beautiful wildlife of Switzerland. Take a Davos limousine service and you can enjoy the tour of the city in no hassle. Our premium Zürich airport to Davos takes care of your pickup drop off and every other little detail. 



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