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A Davos Holiday – Get the best of Davos

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Davos is a resort village in Graubünden set amid the stunning Rhaetian Alps in Switzerland. It is regarded as one of the largest resort towns in the Alps catering to mountain holidays, conferences, and sports events. Since the early 90's Davos became synonymous with the World Economic Forum, WEF Davos 2022 that is hosted every year in this town. Many delegates use one of our airport transfer service like transfer from Zurich airport to Davos or Zurich airport to Davos transfer services to book a taxi from Zurich airport to Davos.

Davos offers a lot of amazing summer and winter activities. One can get to Davos from Zurich Airport in comfort and easy with Noble Transfer's transfer services. Book our Zurich to Davos transfer services through a simple and hassle-free online booking system from anywhere, at any time, and enjoy the best-in-class, professional Chauffeur service Zurich waiting with premium cars at the airport. Here are some amazing things to see and do in Davos:


    Located at an altitude of about 1500mts over sea level, Davos is the highest town in Europe. You would be spoilt for choice trying to choose from one of the six ski areas the town has to offer. Jakobshorn is a snowboarder's paradise with a "monster pipe" and a snowpark. Madrisa and Rinerhorn are the best family-friendly ski areas. Madrisa is also a disability-friendly area with the best facilities that ensure people with disabilities do not miss out on the winter fun. While Schatzalp allows you to enjoy slow skiing, Parsenn is one of the biggest ski areas that offer a little something for everyone from beginners to expert skiers. Pischa is the place for you to escape from all the touristy madness and enjoy off-beat, peaceful, un-groomed slopes for alternative winter sports. Book our taxi Davos, and visit these pristine slopes in comfort. Our Professional Chauffeur Zurich are sure to help you with the local lore and guide you to the best slopes. 

2.The Idyllic Sertigtal Valley

    Take our transfer from Zurich to Davos services and take a trip to the Sertig Valley and enjoy the picturesque alpine farmland. The gorgeous Walser houses are a sight to behold in this beautiful village. You can rent a cycle and bike to the end of the valley to the foot of the beautiful snow-capped peaks of Mittaghorn, Plattenfluh, and Hoch Duan. Don't miss the charming white chapel which is under conservation since 1942. Take a horse-drawn carriage to Sertig Dörfli and hike into the manly wonderful hike trails. 

3.Kirchner Museum

    Whether you are an art patron or otherwise, Kirchner museum is a must-visit for not just the amazing art by Ernst-Ludwig Kirchner, but also for the sleekest, modern glass gallery-style museum that houses his artwork. The museum was opened in 1908s and displayed the art of Kirchner collected by a local drug dealer. This is the largest collection of his work housing more than 1400 of his paintings from his early expressionist days in Berlin, Dresden, Munich to his later days in Switzerland. The museum also houses artifacts from his life ranging from the childhood sketches to his correspondence to the gun he used to end his life. Book a tour, either with our Davos to Zurich airport transfer or taxi Davos and get the best-guided tour of the museum


4. The Pristine Lake Davos

Lake Davos is situated at the north-eastern end of the town. The lake offers a lot of activities like water sports and hiking and also activities like windsurfing and sailing due to the prevailing winds. Take your pick on Kayaking, paddle-boarding, pedal-boating, or a pleasure-able dip in the water, and just bask in the glory of nature surrounded by steep pastures and forest. Does this beautiful Lake Davos lift your spirits? All you have to do to enjoy this is the beautiful lake is to book Noble Transfer premium limousine services Zurich and just sit back and relax. You will get what you deserve with our Zurich airport to Davos services. 

5. Zügenschlucht

    The Zügen gorge is a jaw-dropping, idyllic gorge with a spectacular railway line. Take a train on the Rhaetian railway that stretches overhead the gorge and passes through tunnels and the amazing Wiesen Viaduct. You are in for some stunning visuals. Explore the Geology Trail between Davos-Monstein and Wiesen and read the information panels along the route explaining the geology of the gorge. Visit the mining museum at the Schmelzbodent situated at 1340m. Make an online booking of taxi Davos transfer in Zürich and enjoy this impressive gorge. 

6. Valliant Arena

    Davos boasts of one of the most beautiful hockey stadiums in the world. The Valliant arena is a must-visit even if you are not a sports enthusiast. Book our Davos taxi services to take a peek at this dynamic arena. It can hold about 7000 people in the stadium and hosts many exciting world-renowned sporting events. The roof of the arena is a stunning piece of architecture supported by cathedral-like wooden vaults in each corner. 

7. Winter Sports Museum

    The Winter Sports Museum houses the collection of winter sports equipment from sleds, bobsleighs, skis, skates, etc., and documents donated by the Jürg Kaufmann family. This museum documents the history of winter sports right from its start to the present day. A visit to the famous winter wonderland will not be complete without visiting this historical landmark and our premium transfer to Davos services will make it easier for you to visit here.

If you landed in Zurich, make sure to pre-book our Zurich airport to Davos transfer service to travel to Davos. Enjoy the many sights and activities Davos has to offer with Noble Transfer’s taxi Davos services.  Take a pick of our best-in-class services handled by our experienced professional multilingual chauffeurs and enjoy a relaxed, comfortable ride with our taxi Davos services at affordable prices.

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