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A Perfect Travel Guide To Zurich, Switzerland By Noble Transfer

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Set alongside a framed by alpine mountains and shimmering lake, Zurich smoothly blends the indoor and outdoor views to make your stay worth. For the best views, head towards a nearby mountain and hop on a train or for the high life of a different kind, eyeball Bahnhofstrasse, one of the world’s most expensive shopping streets. Zurich also loves to party, with an exciting network of clubs and bars open into the small hours and beyond.

The Zürich International Airport, also known as Kloten Airport, is a major hub and most airlines will fly into it. You can also take a taxi at Zurich airport. There is a dense network of trams, buses and local trains. Whether you are looking to request an Uber, limousine service or a taxi Zurich airport is there- where you can find all the key information here.

Planning to visit the Financial Capital of Switzerland? Here's your Zurich-Go-To Guide! 

Zurich is amongst the must-visit luxurious cities to live in the world with a breadth of modern artistic places ranging from several renowned museums (like the Swiss National Museum and the Museum of Art ), more than 100 art galleries, and world-famous architecture, both old and new.  For those who are not art lovers, Zurich also offers several active pursuits that range from hiking on nearby Uetliberg Mountain to swimming in clean Lake Zurich (in the warm months). If you want a more relaxed pace, there's Lindenhof. 
Local historic treasures include the Great Minster, Old Town, and Minster of Our Lady. And a visit to Zurich would not be a complete variety of animals housed at Zoo Zurich and without checking out the haute-couture shopping along Bahnhofstrasse. Any trip to or from Zurich will be stress-free and relaxing when Zurich airport transfer services from Noble Transfer rides are in place. Zurich Airport is fairly close to the city center. The journey will take less than 20 minutes in one of our luxurious limousine transfer Zurich. Noble transfer also make arrangements for complimentary meet-and-greet service at the arrival terminal with pickup adjusting and flight tracking for any number of passengers.

What Not to Skip During Your Zurich Visit:

Old Town Zurich1. The Old Town: 

At the heart of Zurich, there is an old town that has not changed much in centuries. It spans the stunningly blue Limmat river that runs right through the heart of Zurich. You can lose yourself for hours in the cafes and finding shops and winding streets of this historic center that soak up the atmosphere of a time long passed.  

Some of the highlights of the old town include St Peter’s Church featuring the largest clock face, Niederdorfstrasse (the heart of the old town),  in Europe and the view from Lindenhof (a quiet park in the center of town).The time required at the Zurich airport transfer before departure depends on airline, destination, luggage.



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The lake of Zurich 2. The lake of Zurich ​

Your trip to Zurich is never complete without spending some time on the shores of this iconic lake. There are lots of places and parks to just sit back and enjoy the view or go for a view-ridden walk. If you want some local music and want to take in the crowds, the left-hand promenade is the way to go.   In the city, there are also several taxi stands – at which you can simply seat yourself in the taxi upfront. At Bürkliplatz and Lake Zurich, it's generally easy to spot and hail a taxi Zurich transport without much difficulty.


Swiss National Museum3. Swiss National Museum

Swiss National Museum is also known as the Landesmuseum. It is worth it even if just to see its impressive architecture. Starting four centuries before Christ, the museum takes visitors through a comprehensive history of Switzerland.With permanent exhibitions that include full information on national art, lifestyle and all important events. It provides an opportunity to understand the country’s history and present.

The Museum's 14 collections, which house over 800,000 objects, include Textile & Fashion, Painting & Sculpture and Archaeology. The most unusual collection is called “Wagons, sleds, and Carriages”. It also includes an 18th-century sled in the shape of a lady's shoe. Representing modern issues, Showcasing new artists are the connections to modern-day Switzerland that makes the museum invaluable. Book online Zurich airport transfer to visit the Swiss National Museum where the country’s cultural history is laid out through exhibitions and artifacts.


Grossmunster 4. Grossmunster

Grossmunster is one of the feelings of pride in the city. I t is one of the four major churches in the city. The best way to reach it is by foot,  as walking about the historical part of the city is truly a treat.  Its twin towers topped by identical cylinders reflect beautifully on the river and preside over the city. Its unique stain-glass windows filter the sunlight that permeates the church with a sense of tranquility and decorates its interior with a kaleidoscopic effect. It is also connected to important historical figures. Local legend claims that the site of the church is the graves of Regula and Felix, the patron saints of the city. Without a doubt, Grossmunster is one of Switzerland’s most recognized churches. It is located in the conveniently named Grossmünsterplatz in Old Town.  The cheapest way to get from Zurich Airport transfer to Grossmünster is to drive. You can also book a taxi Zurich transfer to visit the Grossmunster.

Want to Roam around Zurich in a limousine?

Zurich is a wealthy city -the financial capital of Switzerland and the number one gold-trading city in the world with most Swiss banks headquartered here. This is reflected in the high quality of cultural tradition. Zurich also has landmarks such as the Großmünster and Frauenmüster cathedrals and boasts beautiful architecture. Our limousine hire in Zurich can also be booked on an hourly, as-directed basis.  It means that you can go wherever you wish in your booked time. When you book our reliable service in Zurich then our experienced, professional of limousine transfer zurich will happily provide you with information about the city, should you be interested.



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