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The Ultimate Travel Guide To Geneva

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But let us tell you one thing that Geneva is also one of the country’s most expensive and luxurious city. So planning an international trip to Geneva for budgeted travelers is not so easy but with efficient planning and a few tips, you can make it a perfect shot for your life. In this Geneva travel guide, we are sharing a few significant travel tips and guidelines which will be very helpful for an enjoyable and exciting trip.

Table of Content

  1. Some Facts About Geneva 

Best Time To Go To Geneva

How To Get There?

  1. Top Attractions Of Geneva That Must Be Explored

  2. Convert Your Trip Into A Budgeted Journey In Geneva

  3. What and Where To Eat In Geneva?

  4. Where to Stay in Geneva?

Some Facts About Geneva 

  • Capital - The second most populous city in Switzerland, Geneva is the capital of the Republic and Canton of Geneva. 

  • Language - Geneva is the most popular tourist destination in Switzerland where people understand and speak English. Though people speak a few languages, the main official language is French. 

  • Currency - The primary currency is the Swiss Franc. Though most of the restaurants, bars, cafes, etc also accept the euro you will often have to pay a premium rate. You can carry Credit cards and ATM as they are widely accepted.

  • Climate - The climate of Geneva is temperate so you can sometimes experience warm summers while sometimes there are cold winters. The cold winters can be rainy and gray while the summers are quite warm and sunny.

  • Travel Tips - The city is well served by Geneva international airport as well as well-connected by Geneva airport railway station. You can also take the bus, trolleybus or trams. When it comes to saving money on transport, you can take a Geneva pass. It will allow you to save money exploring over 50 attractions in the city. If you want to make your journey luxurious and more comfortable, Noble Transfer is providing pretty good deals in Switzerland and across Europe.

What Is The Best Time To Go To Geneva, Switzerland?

Although you can visit Geneva in any season, it is opened for the whole year but when it comes to the best time, you must consider the summer season, which is July and August. The weather is mild with breezy air and you can enjoy the sun while walking along the Lake Geneva. It is the most crowded season to visit Geneva and do some outdoor activities like hiking at Mont Saleve and sunbathing at Paquis Baths. December to April is a very good time for skiing at nearby Swiss Alps in chilly temperatures and cold winter. If you want to avoid winter’s cold weather and summer’s high charges, you must visit Geneva between September and November or in May or June.

How To Get There?

The city is relatively a small city to get by so getting around here is not that difficult. The city is well-served by Geneva international airport. Just board a flight to Geneva if you are an international traveler. The city has a sound approach of flights in Geneva and other cities in Switzerland while for domestic travelers, it offers buses, trams and train options to get from one place to another.

Top Attractions Of Geneva That Must Be Explored

Home to many international organizations, Geneva is the second largest city of Switzerland that has a plethora of things to explore for every international and domestic travelers. It is worth visiting the city with amazing and lovely sights. From beautiful old buildings, museums and cathedrals to lovely parks, shopping malls, and local markets, it attracts tourists from its historical and cultural attraction. Being located on the shore of Lake Geneva, it is the perfect place to explore for the nature lover. 

Here we are sharing some of the best places to visit in Geneva during your stay. Let’s have a look:

  1. International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum –

    International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum

    Geneva is home to the most popular museums. You will find an amazing collection of more than 40 museums in Geneva worth visiting and one of the most famous ones is the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum. Opened in 1988 while it was founded in 1863 by Henry Dunant, this museum is open for visitors. You can explore its impressive Humanitarian adventure theme with three main areas presenting the organization’s remits.

  2. Jet d’Eau-
    Geneva is this 140 meters high water fountain or water jet

    The most popular tourist attraction in Geneva is this 140 meters high water fountain or water jet that deserves a must-visit iconic landmark. It was built in 1891, it is a water-jet that throws 500 liters of water per second that goes up to 140 meters. People say that you can even witness this water fountain even from the plan if you are flying above Geneva.  

  3. Flower clock or horloge Fleurie –

    Flower clock or horloge Fleurie

    The flower clock of Geneva also known as Jardin Anglais is an extremely popular tourist destination in Switzerland. Built-in 1955, this flower clock is made from some beautiful flower arrangements and surrounded by rich greenery arrangements. It accurately tells Swiss time and changes with every season. It is the longest flower clock in the world.

  4. Old Town Geneva -

    Old Town Geneva

    It is one of the most famous tourist attractions to visit in Geneva and a great choice if you want to explore the comfort and vintage style of local people. It provides you many iconic scenes with numbers of boutiques, museums, shops, restaurants, and cafes to keep you engaged. It is a hub of all historical things so manage your time to enjoy some delicious chocolate and shopping in the photogenic city center.


  5. Lake Geneva –

    Lake Geneva

    Located right in the middle of the city, It is one of the largest lakes in Europe and the star show of geneva that makes the city a lovely place to visit and explore You will witness the unmatched backdrop of the snow-covered Alps of this 224 square mile lake formed by Rhone River. You can enjoy boating or walk along the lake.


  6. Reformation Wall -

    Reformation Wall, Geneva

    It is one of the must-see visiting places in Geneva. Located in the amazing Parc Des Bastions, this historical monument contains something that changed Europe's history forever. It was built to honor the main personalities that were the reasons behind this change. You can witness the numerous statues and bas-relief of these personalities including John Calvin, Oliver Cromwell, and William Farel. This wall is definitely worth visiting.


  7. Parc Des Bastions -

    Parc Des Bastions

    If you want to relax after a tiring explore day in Geneva, this could be the perfect place. Located next to the Place Neuve, it is a paradise for peace lovers to experience the quiet and peace. You must visit this lovely leafy place that contains expensive lawns, a restaurant, and a children's playground. It is well-known for its reformational wall and you can also witness the several cultural events and festivals that take place throughout the year.


  8. Museum of Art and History –

    Museum of Art and History

    It is one of the most amazing places to visit in Geneva if you want to explore extensive galleries and old items with artifacts. Located in the innovative buildings in the center of the city, it is the largest art museum in Switzerland where you can learn about the fine arts and archeology with many highlights. There is a wide range of art and mesmerizing exhibitions along with a 3000-year-old Egyptian Mummy for you to witness.  


  9. Jardin Botanique -

    Jardin Botanique Geneva

    Situated on the western lakeshore, these botanical gardens feature over 14,000 different plant species across the world and a great place to sit, relax and walk along in leisure time. It is a paradise for nature lovers to explore the beautifully landscaped plants with awesome sights. There is also a wide range of flowerbeds, ponds and rose gardens to explore and get photographed. It has a zoo on its site to visit at once.

Convert Your Trip Into A Budgeted Journey In Geneva

As we have mentioned above that Geneva is one of the most expensive cities in Switzerland. So it is very convenient to make extra expenses unknowingly. If you are visiting around in Geneva and want to reach to your must-visit tourist places with less money on transport and other things, here we are sharing a few tips which will not only make your trip budgeted one but also gives you an opportunity to get around in Geneva to its fullest. Let’s give it a shot:

  1. Buy Geneva Pass - If you are traveling to Geneva for the first time either for a business trip or holiday, it is a very good idea to buy one. With the option for 1-3 days, these passes allow you to get free transportation as well as free entrance into Geneva’s most popular museums, galleries, and sights. Buying them online is also a good option as you can avail of a 10% discount. 

  2. Take Free Public Transport - When you land up in Geneva and make a booking with accommodation weather in hotel or hostel, you are entitled to get the Geneva transport card for free through which you can use any public transportation for free during your stay including buses, trams, trains or taxi. You can ask about them at the reception after your arrival. 

  3. Consider Couchsurfing - If you want to save your money on accommodation, you should go for this option. Through Couchsurfing, you can stay with the locals for free. It is truly a great way to cut the cost of accommodation during your stay. So, do not forget to use this service in Geneva.

  4. Use Rideshares - You can book public cabs like Uber when it comes to rideshare as they are relatively less expensive than taxis and the best way to get around the city if you do not want to wait for the taxi or pay to the bus. 

  5. Free Walking Tour- If you want to explore the locality with its true spirit and want to get some historical facts about the city, do not forget to take a free walking tour in Geneva as there is no other way to explore the city than the foot. 

  6. Luxury Private Transfer- Apart from these budgeted options, if you want to add a sense of luxury in your journey throughout the destination, then private airport transfer Geneva is the one-stop solution for you. You will not only be able to explore the city with stress-free and relaxed mind but also save lots of time and energy being in a luxury ambiance. You can book their professional chauffeur and limousine services to Geneva and explore the city in Switzerland at fair prices. 

What and Where To Eat In Geneva?

Geneva is a paradise for food lovers with almost something for every type of person. With over 1000 restaurants in the city, Geneva is undoubtedly considered the capital of cuisine in Switzerland. From tasting the local specialties including fondue, raclette, lake fish dishes, smoked sausage with a variety of casseroles, Geneva also gives you the opportunity to taste the sample food from around the world. Although most of the gourmet restaurants in Geneva are quite pricey and formal, you can still fulfill the craving for tasty food in Geneva’s most relaxed cafes and restaurants at reasonable prices.

  1. Chez Ma Cousine - If you are a chicken lover, this is the perfect paradise for you. Located in the beautiful parts of Old Town, this restaurant is especially famous for its chickens that worth trying at least once during your stay in Geneva. You will be served half grilled chicken with provencal potatoes, salads and delicious gravy with a great deal of money. 

  2. The Paquis - This international district of Geneva is actually home to some of the best restaurants in Geneva. If you are willing to enjoy the foreign cuisine, they have a sufficient collection of Arabic, Thai, Turkish, African, Mexican, Indian and South American restaurants and cafes that serve the food at low rates. The popular and delicious fast food to try is Lebanese at Parfums de Beyrouth.

  3. La Bottega - If you are craving Italian food, then your search ends here. The Michelin starred is one of the best and Italian food restaurants in Geneva, famous for its delicious meals and flavors in the menu that changes every day depending on the availability of fresh ingredients in the market. You can taste beef carpaccio with artichokes and hazelnuts. You will definitely be mesmerized with its simple and elegant designs.

  4. The Old Town - Famous for traditional Swiss eateries and delicious french cafes at every corner, here you can have a romantic candlelight ambiance. You are required to do reservations as seats are limited. The famous traditional meeting point here is Place du Bour-de-Four surrounded by coffee houses and outside seating.

  5. Cafe Papon - It is one of the oldest restaurants in Geneva since 1808. Situated right in the heart of the Old Town and close to the Townhall, the restaurant is famous for its seasonal and local dishes that change every week. You can sit inside or outside according to your choice and can enjoy your favorite meal whilst seeing the beautiful views of Bastions Park. 

Must-Try Food In Geneva

As Geneva is situated right in between France and Italy, you can taste the famous food with typical Swiss food and local cuisine at very fair rates. Some of the best foods that you must try are here chocolates, Raclette, ovomaltine, Rosti, Kebab Cenovis, La Marmite De L’escalade, Longeole, La Croute Au Fromage, Malakoff, Cardon Genevois, Bircher Müesli, Meringue Double Crème and many more.

Where to Stay in Geneva?

Situated on Lake Geneva, Geneva is the best place to consider for high-end shopping, dining and exploring some of the best tourist attractions from Old Town to museums. With the lake and Swiss Alps in the background, it is an iconic place to explore. In addition to this, the city also has lots to offer when it comes to places to stay in Geneva. You can go for luxury as well as mid-range hotels and budgeted hotels according to your budget and accommodation preferences. 

  1. Luxury Hotels - Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva gives you the spacious rooms with balconies view to lakes and Jet d’Eau. It is some steps away from smart old town shops, this rooftop hotel with an inner courtyard is a great place if you want to escape from the crowded streets. This is the oldest hotel in Geneva that provides immediate access to Old Town sightseeing across the two bridges. While Hotel d'Angleterre gives you the perfect picture of the city center with stunning views across the lakes and Jet d’Eau water jet. You can visit the smart Old Town shops, Quai Mont Blanc, the pedestrian bridge to Old Town, Bains des paquis and other attractions. The fine dining and cigar lounge make this hotel the luxurious one. Hotel Bristol is also a luxury hotel with free Wi-Fi, fitness center and sauna with steam room. It has been serving the guests since 1851 and continues to attract new customers through their wellness center, dining excellence, and extravagant hospitality. 

  2. Mid-range Hotels - Hotel N'vY offers you a smart and contemporary environment with iconic views of Lake Geneva and a convenient location to the city center for different fun activities including sightseeing, shopping or tours. As it is situated near the United Nations, it takes only 10 minutes to walk from the lake to experience the comfortable environment. Or you can also book a hotel in ibis Styles Geneve Gare, opposite the train station to taste the delicious breakfast, all-day coffee, and snacks in the lobby. It is near to city-center attractions and boutique temptations. Booking with Hotel Kipling - Manotel Geneva is also a good idea which is a five-minute walk from the train station. It has convenient access to the city-center museums, historical monuments, churches, and shops. You can also get a free travel pass from the hotel.

  3. Budgeted Hotels - Book a room in the hotel Le Prince which is near to the University of Geneva in Old Town and provides you clean units with free Wi-Fi services. It is well-connected to the city's trams and can taste the delicious breakfast. While ibis Geneve Centre Nations is close to the CICG conference center and the United Nations, it only takes 10 minutes from the station. In the heart of the old town and close to the cathedral and lakeside gardens, Hotel Central is also a good choice with commercial buildings to experience free travel pass, low room rate, and full-kitchen. It is near to museums and supermarkets. If you want to have great river views, and free continental breakfast, book a room with Des Tourelles while hotel Carmen provides you a fun atmosphere with super clean rooms and free Wi-Fi. 

Winding Up

Now you know the most essential things about exploring, eating and staying in Geneva. So, next time when are thinking of visiting Geneva, Switzerland and quite confused about all the necessary stuff and information, read this Geneva travel guide and plan your itinerary. Geneva is a beautiful city to be explored in Switzerland and it should be done with a relaxed and stress-free mind. 

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